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Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole with Pogo

Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole with Pogo

Pogo (real name Nick Bertke) is an electronic musician who specializes in making mixes comprised of samples from movies such as Alice in Wonderland (the animated version, of course) and Up, among many others. His style is a trippy, almost psychedelic mash-up of individually selected samples that in the hands of someone less talented would … Continue reading

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  • hearing on twitter that the best show ever Clone High is coming back to tv on some sort of mtv channel so that’s cool if you still have tv! 1 day ago
  • RT @BRKeogh: oh man https://t.co/A6tXkS6F3W 1 week ago
  • the mini nes has brought up again how people pronounce ‘nes’…as kids we called it ‘regular nintendo’ (as opposed to super nintendo) 2 weeks ago
  • I strongly dislike unity’s curve editor 2 weeks ago

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